Meaning of The Emblem



Meaning of The Emblem

These emblem have the following meanings:

Pentagon = forming human academics / professionals spirit of Pancasila and useful for                                       state and nation.
Left-right-wing each consisting of 5 yellow feathers = sky high ideals in education on the basis of Pancasila, bringing                                       The young shoots of hope to the nation's future is bright and glorious.
Torch with four straight lines and flat colors yellow = function of teachers, with the nature of the task of devotion as a great educator and                                       sublime.
Flame with a five-rays in red = Pancasila as an encouragement to educate the mind, idea, feeling, intention, and the work of generations                                       nation.
Four books torches flanking the positions of two flat and two upright (symmetrical) = source of knowledge concerning the moral values of knowledge, skills and morals                                      for levels of educational institutions, namely pradasar, elementary, middle, and high.
Middle green base color = Prosperity generation.
The white color on the circle = Devotion that is based on purity, love, and purity.
White ribbon bearing the buffer wing PPLP PT PGRI MADIUN = Society of Trustees of Institutions of Higher Education to build a strong bond,                                       Strong for teachers throughout Indonesia in the pursuit of his ideals.

The overall sense is an institution of higher education that aims to produce citizens who strives and conscious devotion sacred with all the courage and nobility of spirit in the discharge of his devotion to the nation and state of Indonesia in educating the mind, creativity, taste, intention, and the work of generation of people to become a man Pancasila- who have morals, knowledge, skills, and high morals.