Qualified and intelligent are the qualification of IKIP PGRI MADIUN students. IKIP PGRI MADIUN won the award once more, this time it got Best Costume of Dumas Genre Jatim 2016. The student who won this award was Annisa Imsawati of PGSD Department. Dumas Genre was an event competition held by the BKKBN and the abbreviation of the Student Ambassador of Planning Generation.

Annisa followed this event because she got strong encouragement and support from her friends. Through an interview, Anisa expressed her concern to the young generation, "I am concerned with teenagers around me that lately many of them were tangled in the case of KRR TRIAD (Early Marriage, Free Sex, and drugs). I am compelled to provide counseling either through institutions or through myself." Furthermore, Anisa hoped by following Dumas Genre, at least she could influence, encourage, and provide information relating to the TRIAD KRR and Planning Generation.

Not only encouragement from his friends that made Anisa passed the selection of Dumas Genre in East Java level, but also she got the full support of one of student organization of IKIP PGRI MADIUN called PIK-M Cendekia. PIK-M was successful to encourage and embrace Annisa until she could get involved in 19 best. Furthermore, to go to the provincial level and t be able to represent Kota Madiun, Annisa must meet several requirements such as making a paper along with its power point and making videos under 5 minutes about himself and UKM PIK. (Div. Public-BKHK)