ORGAMAWA New Board: To be a better IKIP PGRI MADIUN 

Farewell 2015/2016 and welcom 2016/2017 period. Graha Cindekia became the witness of the solemnity of new board changing cemonial from 2015/2016 to 2016/2017 which was held on Tuesday, August 16, 2016. The event was attended by the Chair of PPLPT PGRI MADIUN, the Rector and Vice-Rector of IKIP PGRI Madiun, student organization guardians, BEM and the delegations from each student organization. On this occasion, the rector and vice rector III delivered a speech and also motivated the participants in this event. After the chair of each student organizations, the president of BEM 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 periods gave a speech and passion towards a better IKIP PGRI MADIUN.


After the event, the Vice Rector III announced the winner of 5R and HMPS Award. The winner of 5R Contest was Resimen Mahasiswa, the first runner up was Himadika, the second runner up was Himadiksi. The winner of HMPS Award was Himadigsar, the first runner up was Amphibious, and the second runner up was Himabiko. Besides those awards, IKIP PGRI MADIUN also gave awards to students who had won some contests including: the winner of Tax Research Competition, the second runner up of LKTIN IMABKIN, the sixth place winner of LKTIN Ganesha Bali, the Favorite Contestant in Pimnas PKM 5 Fields and PKM AI-GT at presentation category, the second runner up in LKTIN Marine field Exist Fair. Welcome to the champions. IKIP PGRI MADIUN, Smart and Honourable. (Div. Humas-BKHK)