The 52nd Graduation of Undergraduate Program and the 8th Graduation of Graduate Program 

Tuesday, October 22, 2016, IKIP PGRI MADIUN held the 52nd graduation for undergraduate and the 8th graduation for graduate program. The convocation used the theme "Strengthening the Spirit of Entrepreneurship Independence to face Globalization". This theme is decided based on external conditions related to government policy change which means that the graduates will not depend on institutions or companies to live, but be able to be independent based on entrepreneurial vision. It was prepared for independence will equip the graduates to face the global competition which becomes our challenge in the future.
Unlike the previous graduation which held had sessions, this graduation inaugurated 1032 students. The decision was taken to make it more festive for all graduates and graduates’ families. The main difference was the students who got cum laude predicate were placed at one row and given special certificates by Vice Rector I. It was given to appreciate the graduates who finished their study in time. Mr Wawan Kokotiasa, S.Ip., M.Si., the chairman of the committee, hoped that the increasing of the percentage of students who got cum laude might equip the students to become pioneers in the competitive world of work. (Div. Humas-BKHK)